Pato Mallet & Loïc Trobas
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Pato Mallet & Loïc Trobas

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berlin Club. Costanilla de los Ángeles, 20, Madrid, España Karte ansehen berlin Club. Costanilla de los Ángeles, 20, Madrid, España

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Pato Mallet & Loïc Trobas

Jueves 11 de JULIO 01:00H – #CaféBerlínClub
Entradas anticipadas (hasta las 03:00) : 12€ con copa / 2 cervezas
Taquilla: 14€ con copa / 2 cervezas

After years of individually cultivating their careers as DJs, Pato (MX) and Loïc (FRA) encountered each other while
residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Soon, fueled by their passion and mutual afinity for house music, they started sharing cabin among some of the most relevant venues & artists across the country. Each bringing their own unique style to the dancefloor while seamlessly merging into their love for vinyl format.

Today, Loïc & Pato keep on sharing their music while collaborating as producers and curators among multiple projects, showcasing underground talents among Buenos Aires music scene.


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